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This is a global project that is why each person who is able to help counts! Becoming a Big Brother & Sister Tutor means providing educational help to children and teenagers in need, who had to flee their home because of war.  We believe that change comes from small actions.  We take up this action today!

Julia Karczewska Head of Project






Арсений Глаголев 


Hello! I'm from Ukraine. My name is Arsenii. I am thirteen years old. I like learning Polish, math, and to communicate with people. I want to study English and Mathematics because I want to study at a good Mathematics University.


We teach him:
Polish - Yegor
English - Chris
Math - Lee

 Надя Шутова


Hi! My name is Nadia. I’m 13 years old. I love history, literature and polish language. I also like to dance, sing and paint. I would love to be a part of humanitarian high school.


We teach her:
English - Chris
Math - Zosia


Hi! My name is Sasha. I'm 13. I like playing the guitar)


We teach her:




Professor Dr. Chris Foster has experience in serving as a primary school teacher, secondary school teacher, principal, and recently retired from serving as a college professor in preparing future teachers for teaching in California’s diverse schools, focusing on second language acquisition as well as mathematics and science instruction. Presently, he volunteers at his local primary school teaching science to the grade three students. Presently, he is helping in teaching students, remotely, in Ukraine and Poland in learning English during this unusual time of war.  Personally, he loves to travel and often explores the world on his motorcycle.  He lives part-time in Poland and the rest of the time in California with Agnes and his son Alex. 

Retired Professor, CalStateTEACH
Southern California Regional Center
California State University, Fresno




Lee Eccleston grew up in Hindley, a town about half way between Manchester and Liverpool in the North West of England. He was the Head Boy of Byrchall High School (formerly Ashton Grammar) and took A-Levels in maths, further maths, physics, french, computing and general studies at Winstanley VIth Form College. He matriculated into Robinson College, Cambridge University, in October 2002. Over his ten years at Cambridge, his education was quite eclectic – taking courses in maths, engineering, and biology. After graduating Master of Engineering and Master of Arts he began a course of graduate study in the field of systems biology, developing and applying mathematical modelling techniques commonly used in control engineering to the study of biochemical reaction networks. During this time he began his teaching career as a College Supervisor to a number of the Cambridge colleges providing small group tuition to undergraduates in the field of engineering mathematics, notably linear algebra, Fourier theory and control theory; for one year he was also a University Teaching Assistant and gave occasional lectures as well as Demonstrating laboratory sessions.


Lee moved to Warsaw in 2014 and since then has worked as a classroom teacher in Polish primary schools (Szkola Podstawowa), teaching maths and science in English, and as a private tutor for students aging from 7 to adult, and thanks to the power of remote learning, as far afield as Hong Kong and Australia (at one time even teaching maths in French to a Vietnamese boy). In his private lessons he teaches maths, physics, critical thinking and conversational English. He is also an Associate Lecturer in Preparatory Maths and Physics at the Warsaw Management University.


As a lifelong educator, Lee is particularly concerned about the disturbance being caused to the education of young people in Ukraine, caused by the war. This is why he has volunteered some of his time to the private tuition of Ukrainian children to help smooth their transition into the Polish education system.

Lee Eccleston




Hi! My name is Zosia. I’m 17 years old highs school student in Warsaw. I'm interested in math and music. In my free time I like to perfect my piano skills and read books.

Zosia Jaczyńska


Hi! My name is Maks and I am 18 years old high school student. I am the Head of IT Developement and a Tutor in Sharing is Caring project. I enjoy programming, maths and physics especially. In my free time I play piano and code.

Maks Kirejczyk

My name is Kacper Ścibski and I am a Biology Major graduate from New York University Abu Dhabi. Before that, I studied at a high school in the UK thanks to the British Alumni Society scholarship. There, I pursued the British A-level curriculum in Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, achieving As in all of them.


However, I have been passionate about the Sciences since early school years and the flexible schedule at my university allowed me to continue studying my beloved chemistry too. Willing to realize my greatest dream, I am now applying to medical schools. I eventually wish to become an emergency medicine doctor with a fellowship in toxicology. I am still unsure what place will I call home in the long-term future – possibly the Middle East, or the US.


I spend all my free time on travelling and I play saxophone. Aside from that, I have been tutoring various subjects since five years now – anything from music to languages. However, I love to teach Biology and Chemistry the most. While these two may initially sound terrifying, just like the name of my favorite enzyme, Ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase-oxygenase, I am sure our tutorings are going to shed light on even the most difficult concepts!


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kacper Ścibski



Hi, I’m Mikołaj, High School student from Poland. Through Sharing is Caring project I am willing to share my passion for math and physics with others. In the free time, although there is not many of it, I usually enjoy my hobby – scale modelling. I also love coffee

Mikołaj Panasiuk


Hi! My name is Ola, I am a Polish high school student at an English speaking school. Through Sharing is Caring, I can help others by sharing my knowledge and interest of the English language. I’m also passionate about economics and in my free time I love being outside in nature and doing sports, like swimming and hiking. I teach English, math and basics of economics.

Ola Pasternak

I moved to Poland in 2016 with my closest family because of employment issues my parents encountered. After passing primary school with flying colours I was accepted to V LO, where I'm still studying. As Russia waged war on Ukraine I tried to help volunteers as I could, combining such work with school duties. Having been told about Arseniy's need to be taught to speak Polish by a friend, I agreed to help. Such a decision has been made due to my good understanfing of languages, with which I could positively influence this young man's progress at learning a foreign speach. What's more, I can remember myself struggling to get help with learning a new language, therefore I'd definitely like to be an accesible source of information for someone learning Polish. 

Yegor Khorushko 

Yegor Khorushko

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