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Global Awareness Movement is an initiative created by young people from Poland, which is spreading all over the world. Our aim is to highlight the importance of social and environmental issues through creating awareness campaigns, projects, competitions and online events. Our network is currently active in 10 countries on 4 different continents which makes the project truly international. We focus on tackling global issues, such as racism, safety during the pandemic, sexism or sustainable fashion, from the point of view of local communities which gives us a unique ability to show a variety of perspectives. 

UK, Germany, Portugal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kenya, El Salvador, Mexico, India, Poland.


Our mission is to spread awareness amongst young people by educating them and engaging in the social and environmental issues of the modern world. We believe it is important to show global problems from local perspectives, in order to highlight that they affect all of us and our everyday lives no matter where we are. We want to provide a safe space for everyone to have active discussions, showing a variety of views and which allows people to learn from each other and inspire one another.

our Projects



It is an initiative by a high school student from Poland to spread awareness about current global issues via teenagers from different countries.

Our global community meets once a month.



It is an initiative by a high school student from Poland to spread awareness about the most important values and the basics of mindfulness.

Our global community meets once a month.



We are an online newspaper created by teenagers in Poland, but we work globally. Thanks to that we can write articles targeting global issues with certainty that we deliver truth and truth only. We write and talk about human rights, women rights, politics, climate change, stereotypes everything that matters.

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Global movement in times of pandemic in cooperation with Vogue Poland. It’s high time health became fashion!
Take matters into your own hands and creating your unique version of a face mask. Let the mask not only be a healthy choice, but also a trendy accessory!


Young Leaders Alliance is one of the initiatives of Global Awareness Movement by Young Talent Management. It’s a platform for young people to speak up about the issues of our times, about the most important problems in our societies. It takes a form of a cross-cultural meeting where every person has a chance to speak their mind on the discussed topic, as well as listen to people who have experience in the given subject. Finally, everyone has a chance to speak to our mentor who will be opening the meeting and leading the discussion.

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Consequence of Black Lives Matter Movement


Sexism and misogyny in the modern world


Finding the line:

The challenge of redefining Hate Speech


Climate Change:

a different view

Meet the team

  • Founder and partner at Young Talent Management and Oxford MasterClass. Expert in providing consulting for world top universities. Education coach and mentor in Poland, Vietnam, India and Saudi Arabia. Come check out my LinkedIn!

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    Jolanta Kulik


  • A recent graduate of MA in Business Management and French at the University of Aberdeen. Conference producer on polish tech & innovation scene, passionate about art and culture and a better world. Come check out my LinkedIn!

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    Karolina Lewandowska


    Global Head of Projects

  • Leader of GAM Junior as well as a Climate Activist. I take part in many environmental projects. My goal is to educate youth about global problems. Come check out my blog!

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    Pola Janowska

    Global Head of Projects

    GAM Voices Leader

  • Happy Kid Mission leader and the Global Awareness Movement Junior ambassador leader. I decided to join this community to share my perspectives and start global friendships.

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    Maria Grupińska

    Head of Ambassadors

    Happy Kid Mission Leader

  • I’m 19 years old and I want to study fashion management. I’m particularly interested in French cinema, art and poetry as well as sociology and psychology. I am a part of GAM as I believe that it is important to spread awareness in order to create a better world, a better history for all of us.

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    Maja Tyborowicz

    Head of Development,

    Communications & PR

  • Third year of highschool, I plan on studying Art and design.  Artist. Passionate about art and human psyche. History freak who learnt to appreciate life and beauty wherever they look.  I strive to help people and educate them on important issues, because I believe that in order to change the world we need to act together.

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    Maria Panasiuk

    Head of Art

  • 3rd year medicine student at the University of St Andrews. Interested in radiology and emergency medicine.  Passionate traveller, explorer and avid dancer (planning to travel the world before 30). Keen on life and extremely curious. Incorrigible optimist striving for mind and body balance and enthusiastic about modern art.

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    Natalia Sikora

    Head of Outreach

  • Interior and Graphic Designer. UWS graduate (2016). Keen on astrophysics and strategic board games. Come check out my LinkedIn!

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    Zuzanna Kulik

    IT & Graphic Design

  • First year law student and feminist activist, fighting for equality and human rights.

    Enthusiastic about psychology and legal situation of animals. 

    Passionate about Spanish culture and language, also a regular in Barcelona which I consider my place on Earth. 

    When I am not out on the streets I play piano, write & dance to the mirror.

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    Head of Feminism

    Maria Kuderska

  • I’m 17 years old. I'm from Poland. I am passionate about old music, art and books. I'm an editor at GAM. I joined GAM because I love the idea of spreading human consciousness and the fact that as a group we are turning the hateful internet into a safe space for everyone.​

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    Head of Social Media

    Soina Figurska

  • I am a Second year high-school student, aspiring to be a music producer. I try to smuggle my concerns about environmental and political problems through my work. I take care of musical arrangements in Global Awareness Moment, making sure every issue gets a proper sound

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    Head of Music

    Mela Orłoś

  • Hi! My name is Helena, and I am 17 years old high school student. I am editor in chief of GAM Times. My goal is to spread awareness among youth, mainly on human rights and politics. In my free time you can find me in an art gallery, cinema or fighting for equality.

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    Editor in Chief

    GAM Times

    Helena Drzazga

  • I am 17 years old GAM Times head of research and global affairs. My job is to profoundly explore data for new articles and make sure every information that appears on our site is valid. I am curious and open person I love working with people to spread awareness about social issues. In my free time do usual stuff – read books and watch movies.

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    Head of Research

    Hanna Okurowska

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