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Towards construction of housing for disabled children


Christmas gifts for the Ivory Santa, each worth 30 EUR


Total net worth of the 8 awarded scholarships


Towards Vaccination (finalised)


Towards construction of the playground (finalized)



See what we were up to this year in our Sharingiscaring Ivory Coast project


Located in the centre of the Ivory Coast, the small town of Brobo is where activists of the NGO Enfance Harmonieuse bear witness to the much-needed and ongoing changes. Since the start of the project in 2016, they have been striving to establish a Socio-Educational complex, which now includes a charity kindergarten for the children of the local rural community, focusing on helping the most underprivileged of families. This was thanks to the initiative of Paediatrics Professor Vincent Kouadio Asse, who recognized the needs of the local rural community while serving at the pediatric ward of the local hospital, being faced on the daily with the consequences of preventable diseases.

Professor Kouadio Vincent Asse, General Secretary for Enfance Harmonieuse

The intention behind this program is to tackle the cycle of poverty, as in the words of Professor Asse, “[it] can most successfully be treated at the root of the problem.”. Due to even early education requiring tuition fees, the free kindergarten, which includes classrooms, sanitation, a dining hall and fully equipped playground, is now providing education to over 120 children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend school. There, children learn in a safe space, receiving daily meals to counteract malnutrition and anaemia. Importantly, they are also able to learn French, which is essential for further education due to being the country’s official language, otherwise inaccessible to children who live in communities where local languages are more popular.

The long-term vision of Enfance Harmonieuse is to create a learning space inclusive for all children. Thus, their next goal is to build housing for children with disabilities where pupils coming from the neighboring villages could stay overnight, receiving necessary rehabilitation and medical treatment as well as empowering parents with knowledge of occupational therapy they can implement to better their quality of life. To achieve this next step, Enfance Harmonieuse is collaborating with the Global Awareness Movement to create global engagement for the cause, financial and otherwise. 


brou aya becomes the fifth child to receive a heart scholarship!


In a heartwarming development, Brou Aya has joined the ranks of exceptional children benefitting from the transformative Heart Scholarship program. This scholarship marks a turning point in her life, providing hope and support for her unique challenges as a disabled child. The financial support allocated to her will be specifically directed towards her treatment, addressing her individual needs and empowering her to overcome obstacles. Brou Aya is the fifth recipient of this impactful initiative, following in the footsteps of remarkable individuals whose lives have been positively altered by the scholarship. The previous recipients include:

  1. Koffi Akissi Céline: Experienced a significant improvement in her health, with the number of seizures decreasing threefold due to the purchase of essential medication.

  2. Dano Koudou Yasmine Audrey: An academically talented student aspiring to become a judge, her dreams are now within reach through the assistance of the Heart Scholarship.

  3. Yao Kouamé Prince: Overcoming the challenges of being deaf and mute, Prince recently learned to write his name, a remarkable achievement facilitated by the scholarship's support.

  4. Marie Sainte Rutha Attoube: A gifted student who ascended to the top of her class, becoming the best student, all thanks to the opportunities provided by the Heart Scholarship.

The Heart Scholarship initiative not only focuses on academic achievements but also acknowledges the diverse challenges each child faces. By extending support to those with physical disabilities, the program underscores its commitment to creating an inclusive and empowering environment for all. All in all, our Heart Scholarships are more than a financial aid program; it is a beacon of hope, resilience, and community support that continues to make a meaningful difference in the lives of these extraordinary children. As we applaud the achievements of the past recipients, we eagerly anticipate the positive transformation that awaits Brou Aya and the others.


Our Ivory Santa initiative successfully delivered 20 packages to children in the Brobo kindergarten, providing essentials such as shoes, clothes, and school materials in each package. The initiative, which garnered financial support through a series of events, aimed to bring joy to underprivileged children during the holiday season. The generosity of donors ensured the success of this heartwarming effort, marking a significant impact on the lives of the recipients in need.


11 children in Brobo receive Christmas gifts
- with 9 more to go

The joyous occasion of unwrapping gifts has already begun, with 11 children having received their presents, and the remainder eagerly awaiting theirs. The smiles on their faces and the warmth radiating from the photos capture the essence of the holiday spirit and the transformative power of compassion. As we celebrate this heartwarming success, it serves as a reminder that even small acts of kindness and generosity can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need. The Ivory Santa initiative not only brought tangible joy to these children but also fostered a sense of connection and unity among communities across borders.


A splendid evening unfolded in excellent company, as is the annual tradition at the UK Embassy. However, this particular occasion was extraordinary for us as we had the privilege of presenting a charitable program dedicated to children on the Ivory Coast - Sharing is Caring. In Kacper's brief speech, the emphasis was on the significance of education, highlighting that while it is a right (and even an obligation until the age of 18) in their context, it often serves as a crucial factor distinguishing between a dignified life and mere existence, health and illness on the Ivory Coast. With this focal point, the fundraiser concluded successfully, providing holiday packages to an additional 5 children from impoverished families! 🎅 We extend gratitude to the wonderful team present on that day - Jolanta Kulik, Kacper Ścibski, Krzysztof Chrześcijański, Maria Albrychiewicz, and Ola Pasternak.


snowball 2023 in Windermere school, united kingdom

On the 14th of December there was an Ivory Santa event during SnowBall 2023 in Windermere School organised by our ambassador Grzegorz Figiel, Windermere School Student Council and Round Square Committee. All the money raised from the mocktail bar and “Guess the name of the bear lottery” will be spent on Christmas presents for children from Brobo!

Bake sale at 2slo, warsaw, poland

On the 6th of December we had the pleasure to be present at a Christmas bake sale in 2 SLO Jasiennicy organized by our Ambassadors -  Maria Albrychiewicz and Rita Pasiewicz. Almost 40 people contributed as we raised over 88 EUR, equal to 3 packages towards the Ivory Santa

Image 4.jpg

Scholars update: audrey

Exciting news about one of our Heart Scholars: Audrey now benefits from new educational resources and a food program, thanks to a generous scholarship contributor. Her remarkable academic achievements, with an average grade of 17.45/20, rank her second in her class of 45 students. We're grateful for everyone supporting the Sharing is Caring initiative, allowing us to help those in need effectively! ❤️



Celebrating health awareness month we aim to vaccinate 158 children. Did you know? The so-called 'meningitis belt' stretches across parts of West Africa that are particularly affected by the meningococcal disease. Your support may make a difference! Now at Brobo Kindergarten, we are raising funds to provide meningococcal vaccines for our little ones. As the disease is a serious threat, causing meningitis and blood poisoning, we can protect our pupils together.


Find out more about the Enfance Harmonieuse together with the founder of Gam Scholarships Ivory Coast, Kacper, who visited the kindergarten in February 2023 as a volunteer! The video is in Polish, so make sure to turn on subtitles, sit back and enjoy your virtual travel to Brobo!

Learn all the details behind Enfance Harmonieuse firsthand via their website. In case of any questions, you can reach out to us at


How to make a donation?

You can support our initiative by making a donation via our Buy Me a Coffee fanpage. To do that, simply click the link below or scan the QR code. Then, in the right panel, enter the donation and proceed with the payment LINK



  • What are Heart Scholarships?

The Enfance Harmonieuse, an Ivorian NGO we are working with, has already developed great kindergarten facilities, where children receive preschool education, learn the official language of the country, receive daily meals, and are treated for diseases, such as malaria or vitamin deficiency. We, on the other hand, focus on slightly older kids – alumni of the Brobo kindergarten.

As such, the Hearth Scholarships are dedicated to the most talented Ivorian children as we want to bring them the chance for a bright education and a better life, and the best part of it – everyone can sponsor such a scholarship! In addition, children with disabilities also participate in our program, in which case the scholarship will cover the cost of treatment and rehabilitation.

  • What does the scholarship cover?

For as low as a dinner for two, that is 30 euros per month, you can provide a student with basic necessities, such as school materials and tuition coverage, books, and costs of transportation. We also have an option for companies where we additionally issue certificates of participation and can share advertisements on our websites. Participation lasts for 1 year but can be extended.

  • How does it work?

You can choose the child to benefit from your scholarship, or if you don't feel like it, we can pick the child in the biggest need of support. Scan the QR code below to see the full list of our pupils. Then, just click the "Fund the scholarship" button and you will be redirected to our payment platform. Following, we will keep giving you updates on your pupil's wellbeing on a regular schedule. It's that easy but makes a huge difference.


Ramissou Anne Claude Kouamé, a 12-year-old girl, is currently a student at the esteemed Modern College, the Triumph of Brobo. Her father, Kouamé Koffi Jean Claude, is a skilled tailor, while her mother, Diakité Damanta, lovingly tends to their home as a dedicated housewife. Ramissou is the eldest sibling in her family, with a younger brother and sister.

Hailing from a humble background, Ramissou's academic journey has been nothing short of remarkable. She began her educational voyage at the public primary school of Koundanou, where her outstanding academic prowess shone brightly. Her dedication and hard work paid off when she brilliantly passed her secondary school entrance exam.

In a testament to her academic excellence, Ramissou achieved the coveted top position in her class this year, attaining an impressive annual average of 16.93 out of 20. However, her ambitions extend beyond the classroom. Ramissou is deeply passionate about reading and aspires to become a journalist in the future, with a heartfelt commitment to being the voice of the voiceless.

This aspiration to become a journalist, to give a voice to those who need it most, is the driving force in Ramissou's life. Her journey is not just one of academic success but also of a young individual with a profound sense of purpose, determined to make a positive impact on the world.

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-07 at 12.39.11.jpg

N'GUESSAN Aya Aude Lucrèce, born on January 15, 2016, radiates a brilliant light of promise in the midst of challenging socio-economic circumstances. As the eldest of three children, she shoulders not only her family's hopes but also embodies the profound potential for transformative change.


Her educational journey commenced in 2018 at Koundanou nursery school, where she spent three formative years. Lucrèce's star shone brightly during this time, earning her the respect and admiration of her mentors. Her remarkable dedication and exceptional performance set her apart as a true academic standout. Transitioning to Brobo school in 2021, Lucrèce continued to shine as she graduated at the pinnacle of her class in biology and chemistry. Her achievements mirror her unwavering commitment and resilience, showcasing her determination to surmount obstacles and reach for greatness.


In a standout moment during the 2022-2023 academic year, Lucrèce won the top prize in a rigorous math competition organized by the Côte d'Ivoire Regional Education Department. This triumph not only validated her hard work but also ignited her drive to continue excelling.


Lucrèce's aspirations transcend personal horizons as she sets her sights on becoming a doctor, fueled by an inherent compassion and a sincere yearning to alleviate the hardships of those around her. Her odyssey encapsulates an unwavering resilience, an unwavering pursuit of greatness, and the limitless potential ignited by education. Despite facing adversity, Lucrèce stands tall as an embodiment of hope and possibility, proving that determination and empathy can transcend circumstances. Her ambition to heal lives through medicine underscores the incredible impact one individual can have on the world.


Introducing Kouakou Kouakou, an 8-year-old boy hailing from a farmer's family with a significantly low socioeconomic status, painting a challenging future for him. Kouakou's primary struggle lies in his deafness, which severely hampers his ability to communicate and interact with those around him. Unfortunately, due to his parents' limited income, he is unable to access the necessary medical care programs that would alleviate his condition. Consequently, Kouakou's daily functioning and participation in normal activities, such as playing football or reading books, crucial for every child's early-stage development, are significantly hindered.


Meet Bohoussou Ahou Clémence, a 9-year-old girl growing up in a small village near Brobo within a farmer's family. Despite her tender age, Clémence faces numerous health challenges that significantly impact her daily life. She grapples with disabilities in her right hand and foot, alongside an intellectual developmental delay. Regrettably, these obstacles have prevented her from embarking on her educational journey, depriving her of the opportunity to sit among her peers at school desks and explore subjects that pique her curiosity. The economic situation and limited earnings of her family make it impossible for Clémence to access the essential medical assistance she desperately needs.

This is N'goran Konan Evrard. The boy is currently 9 years old and since birth, he has had hearing as well as speaking problems, which significantly affect his everyday life. Due to the low income of the farmer’s family, in which he grows up, Evrard does not have basic medical needs, so ordinary activities such as playing with friends or practising various sports cause him great difficulties, which with a little support could easily be avoided, creating this way a better future for him.




Exciting Heart Scholarship update! Thanks to generous contributors, Yao now receives vital medical care and educational support. The scholarship covers medical appointments, a hearing aid, and potential cochlear implant surgery. Funding also includes medications and nutritious meals, promoting Yao's overall well-being. Yao is making educational strides, recently learning to write his own name. Your support transforms lives. Join us in making a difference!


Group photo with Professor Asse - Secretary General of Enfance Harmonieuse. To the professor's right sits Celine - also a beneficiary of our scholarship program. In her case, the funds were used to purchase medication against epilepsy, reducing the number of seizures threefold


Exciting news about one of our Heart Scholars: Audrey now benefits from new educational resources and a food program, thanks to a generous scholarship contributor. Her remarkable academic achievements, with an average grade of 17.45/20, rank her second in her class of 45 students. We're grateful for everyone supporting the Sharing is Caring initiative, allowing us to help those in need effectively! ❤️

Image 4.jpg


We have wonderful news from one of our Heart Scholars, Attoube!


Attoube’s academic success is remarkable as she achieved a high average grade of 15.83/20 last term, placing her first out of 39 students in her class! Becoming a Heart Scholar motivated her to apply to law school in the future, which she clearly showed with her hard work. 


Her family bought the required school materials and a food program for Attoube, which are both crucial for her further intellectual growth.


We would like to express our gratitude for the generosity of our contributors. Thanks to you we can help the people who need it most!

Image 24.jpg

BRou aya

We have received great news from Ivory Coast once again!


Brou Aya Mien is one of our Heart Scholars. Due to complications during her birth, she suffers from psychomotor delay. However, our Heart Scholarship gives her a chance to improve her quality of life. Aya is growing despite the challenges she faces every day. Thanks to the generosity of one of our donors, her family got the resources to buy clothes and hygiene products for Aya, which financially assists her family and supports her well-being.


We are deeply grateful to everyone who contributes to Sharing is Caring Ivory Coast! Thanks to You we can help children like Aya!

Image 22.jpg


Get to know the children who have already been awarded the scholarship

If you're interested in funding a scholarship or heart-adopting one of our pupils, (or have any questions), kindly fill out this form and we will soon be in touch!

Thank you for submitting! You are almost a heart scholarship founder, congratulations! We will contact you shortly with further information on ways to help your soon-to-become adopted child!


Kacper Ścibski

Founder and Mentor

Hey! I'm Kacper and I have recently completed my pre-med degree with the ultimate goal of providing medical assistance to the most underprivileged regions of the world. In line with this aspiration, I arrived in the Ivory Coast in February 2023 to offer my support to the Enfance Harmonieuse kindergarten and gain valuable insights from the inspiring local activists. Thanks to my prior dedication, the NGO successfully completed the construction of a playground. Currently, in collaboration with GAM, we are aiming to sustain this support and enhance educational opportunities for children with disabilities who would otherwise have limited access to education.


Julia Makowiecka

Project Manager

My name is Julia, I am a Year 12 student at an online British high school and play a role of an project manager in the Sharing is Caring Ivory Coast project. I am fascinated by how the human body works. The topic of medicine puts sparks in my eyes and I hope to one day pursue a career in the medical filed. I hope my participation in the project will have a positive impact on the Brobo community as well as help with prevention of diseases in the area.

IMG_9993 (1)_page-0001.jpg



I am Krzysztof, a student at a Polish high school, and I hold the position of Head of IT and Data in the Gam Scholarships Ivory Coast project. This role allows me to fulfill myself in my areas of interest. I take care of the websites and provide support to other project participants. I strongly believe in the idea of passing on the goodness received. When I'm not at school, you'll find me engaging in debates, exploring mathematics, and collecting Lego. I truly hope that my contributions have a positive impact on the numerous people that the Gam Scholarships program aims to assist.


Maria Albrychiewicz


My name is Maria and I am 16 years old. I plan to spend my 200th birthday by the sea.

In our times, the development of technology may provide me with this opportunity. In addition to thinking about modern medicine, really enjoy playing tennis and practicing yoga.

Ola Pasternak

Head of Project

My name is Ola, and I am a Polish high school student attending an English-speaking school. I am proud to hold the position of project manager for the Gam Scholarships Ivory Coast project. This role enables me to combine my passion for economics and global development with practical actions that have a tangible impact on entire communities. In addition to overseeing the project's operations, I also take charge of the financial side, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently and responsibly. By managing the financial aspects of the project, I strive to maximize the positive outcomes and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we aim to support.



Head of Ambassadors

Marysia, a British Alumni Society scholar. Her biggest passions are biology and music. In the future she would like to study medicine and help people in need. She strongly believes that young people can also change the world for the better and that’s why she joined SIC Ivory Coast as Head of Ambassadors.

Image 1.jpg
Image 3.jpg



Grzesiek,  a scholar of British Alumni Society in Windermere School. He's a dedicated IB student with interest in Maths and Economics. After school he loves to play the drums in a youth symphonic orchestra and to watch football. Most improtantly, he joined SIC Ivory Coast because he wants to contribute to providing the scholarship opportunities to talented youth from Ivory Coast that cannot afford to fulfill their potential. He believes that education is a human right and should be provided to everyone, without exeptions.




Julia, Scarborough college student and 2023 British Alumni Society scholar. Her passions concern neuroscience, theatre and playing football. As an Ivory Coast project ambassador her mission is to enhance local children’s passions and provide financial help for those in need. 



Rita is a 15-year-old IB student in 2slo. She likes discussing and engaging with global issues because she firmly believes that the future is in our hands! As an Ivory Coast project ambassador, she hopes that she can help the children on the Ivory Coast and women in Afghanistan and Iran.  Moreover, she is excited to connect with people all around the world.

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