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We would like to thank all the people participating in our Heart Scholarship program - all the good visible below was achieved by YOU, we only provided the medium.

Marie Sainte Rutha Attoube, an 11-year-old student at the renowned Modern College, the Triumph of Brobo, is the youngest of three siblings in a family where her father, Denis, is temporarily unemployed, and her mother, Amani Ahou Natasha Yobouet, manages their home as a devoted homemaker.

Marie's academic journey has been consistently impressive, with her scoring a remarkable 17 out of 20 on the entrance exam to the secondary cycle during her sixth-grade year, earning her the top position in her class.

Yet, Marie's aspirations transcend mere academic success. Her true calling lies in her ambition to become a lawyer, fueled by a profound commitment to defending the rights of the oppressed, particularly children and women. In her envisioned future, she stands as a passionate advocate in the courtroom, championing the cause of those who have faced injustice, and working tirelessly to ensure that justice prevails.

Marie's mission to be a voice for the voiceless, safeguarding the rights and dignity of the marginalized, forms the central narrative of her life. Her journey is not solely about achieving academic excellence but also about her compassion and resolute determination to leave a lasting, positive impact on society, one case at a time.

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Introducing Yao Kouamé Prince, a 7-year-old boy from a small village near Brobo. Prince's early life was marked by the loss of his mother, leaving his father as his sole caregiver and unwavering source of support during these challenging times. Since birth, Prince has experienced the profound challenge of being both deaf and mute, severely impeding his ability to lead a normal life and participate in the community. Regrettably, his condition prevents him from attending school and engaging with his peers. Due to his father's limited income, they are unable to access the full benefits of modern medicine, resulting in ongoing hardships for Prince both now and in the future if the situation remains unchanged.

DANO Koudou Yasmine Audrey, born on May 20, 2011, defies her modest socio-economic background through remarkable academic achievements. Recognized for her talents since kindergarten, she secured a spot in the region's premier primary school based on her exceptional performance.


Audrey's academic journey unfolded at Brobo Catholic Primary School from 2017 to 2021. Throughout these six years, she consistently ranked first in her class, reflecting her dedication and thirst for knowledge. In the 6th grade at Lycée Municipal de Brobo School, she continued her reign of excellence, achieving the top position with an average grade of 17.41 out of 20.


Audrey's aspirations stretch beyond academics. Driven by a passion for justice and the desire to combat socio-economic disparities, she aims to become a judge. This ambition is deeply rooted in her understanding of challenges faced by those from similar backgrounds.


Audrey's journey embodies resilience, diligence, and the power of education to transcend circumstances. Her story inspires us to believe in the potential for change, illustrating that with determination, one can rise above adversity and contribute meaningfully to creating a fairer, more inclusive world.

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Introducing Koffi Akissi Céline, a 15-year-old girl who comes from a low-income farming family. Despite her young age, Céline has been enduring the challenges of recurring epileptic seizures and paresis in her right hand for a significant period. These conditions are entirely treatable and could undoubtedly be managed to provide Céline with everyday comfort and enable her to function normally. With just a small amount of assistance, we have the incredible opportunity to perform a genuine miracle and completely transform this young girl's life.


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